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January 29, 2018

 Honey - Best Coast


My fiance threw me the sweetest surprise birthday party yesterday. While at one of my first professional meetings as a freelance writer, she orchestrated an incredible surprise celebration.


When I got out of the meeting I called my fiancé to plan lunch. "Hey, Baby. I'm hungry. What should we eat for lunch," I said. "Uh, I have food, " she replied. "Uh, do you have food for me, too?" I asked eager to eat. "Yeah, for you, too. Just come home," she ended. "Okie doke. See you soon," I ended.


I thought maybe she bought some special birthday treats for us in light of my birthday. Maybe some Tillamook Lemonilla Ice Cream Bars and take-out from Jack's Café. What I walked into was much more exciting.


Nothing was awry outside our house (no recognizable cars or decorations). I opened the door and got a big old, "Surprise!" Several of my close friends and my fiancé were waiting inside a Mario-wonderland. I had been pining after the Nintendo Switch™ for weeks. Specifically, I got hooked on Mario Kart 8.  I was basically ready to sell a kidney to get the console and game. Not only were my homies waiting for me, but also two TV's equipped to run a friend's Switch™ and one for me, too!


The party got better with Blind Onion Pizza and my fiancé's world famous jalapeño poppers.


After Karting for hours, we met up with my mom at Sushi Rose. The night concluded with more Karting and ice cream cake.




It was my favorite birthday to date. Thank you, Kaitlin! The lengths you go to just to see me smile makes me feel so lucky to live by your side. I love you.


In honor of my honeybee and inspired by Blind Onion, I thought I might share some fun facts about honey. Blind Onion pizza crust, for those not in the know, is real tasty dipped in honey (the restaurant happily serves it).


Honey Is Amazing

  1. Honey has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It can act as a protective barrier between wounds and outside infection.

  2. You can make garlic honey just by putting slightly smooshed garlic cloves (skinned) in raw honey and waiting a few days.

  3. Some contend that gradual consumption of pollen native to your region reduces your sensitivity to that pollen and seasonal allergies. Eating raw local honey is a great way to eat local pollen.

  4. Buying local honey helps keep your local beekeeper in business and tasty honey in your pantry at a reasonable cost.

  5. Properly sealed honey has no expiration date.

  6. Honey contains minerals, enzymes, water and the vitamins necessary to keep you alive.

  7. Honey contains pinocembrin, an antioxidant linked with increased brain health.

  8. Honey applied topically is said to make your skin silky smooth. 


*This is not medical advice. It's a blog post about honey. Direct health questions to your doctor. 









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