Sunshine on a Sunday

March 12, 2018

Disc golf is an awesome and inexpensive activity here in Reno, Nev. I spent a few hours of my Sunday sponging up some sun playing disc golf with my fiancé and our two friends. The course is near the intersection of N. Virginia St. and McCarran Blvd. Here is a link to the exact address of the Reno Sports Complex. Look for the sign and baseball / softball fields on your left as you travel north on N. Virginia St. just passed McCarran. 



My fiancé and I each play with plastic "driver" discs that we bought at Big 5 Sporting Goods. $10 - $30 will buy you one to three low to medium-end discs for amateur players. Losing a disc while playing is not totally out of the question, so I prefer to error on the side of cheaper discs. Note that many people play with a putter, mid-range, and driver, but playing with a just a driver seems to work for us.


Before you start the front 9 or back 9, begin at the course map near the parking lot. Note that the front 9 involves less hiking than the back 9. 18 holes can be quite the work out, so no shame in playing just 9.



If you're brand new to disc golf or need a refresher on the rules, click here. Keeping score is similar to regular golf - the fewer throws you take to get your disc in the basket the better.


I use the Notes app on my phone to keep score, but there are tons of disc golf apps that will aid in score-keeping. A general search in your app store of choice will have several apps available.


Wear what you want and bring what you want when you play, but here are some tips you might find helpful.


Bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, water, jeans or long pants, a hat, a bag for your discs (I don't bring one), something to haul any trash you produce, and comfortable shoes.


Don't bring: glass, fire, or a heavy jacket (t-shirt and jeans were fine at 65* F).


*There are restrooms near the baseball / softball concession areas, but these restrooms are not open year-round. They will generally be open during the summer. They were not open today, 03/11/18, so plan accordingly.


*Help your fellow competitors track their discs after throwing. Some areas of the course are dense with sagebrush, so application of many eyes to disc tracking will keep game play moving forward.


*I find it courteous to let faster groups outside your own play through, but you do you, Booboo.


After consulting the map, gearing up, and designating a score keeping system, you should be ready to play! 

Me slingin' disc.


Below are some snapshots of each hole on the front 9 and some bonus shots depicting the desert and mountain beauty that can be seen on this course. Don't forget to check out the Basque monument near hole 9. Be forewarned, visiting the Basque monument will provoke an intense craving for Basque food. I recommend that you indulge this craving at Louis' Basque Corner.






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